Ron Baker, Jr.


  “Oftentimes they say that preachers’ kids are the baddest kids on the block. You know why? That’s because we play with your kids.”There’s been a time for the ordinary, a time for the extraordinary, and now it’s time for relief…Comic Relief that is…comedian…Ron Baker, Jr.Ron Baker, Jr. The ? year old sensation who brings to comedy a breath of fresh air. His comedy style is reality magnified100% to bring your attention to everyday subjects and situations that everyone experiences but rarely think about. 

  What makes Ron Baker, Jr.’s comedy so unique? Pure, unadulterated, natural talent! No censor necessary! He shares the experiences of his youth, the church, manhood, and childhood with each audience in an exciting new blend of reality and humor. Ron Baker, Jr.’s comedy grabs your attention by not only being funny, but entertaining as well.

  Born the son of a preacher, Ron Baker, Jr. has carefully logged his ? years of experience of being a P.K. (Preacher’s Kid), along with his observations and experiences of attending church service, to form a new brand of contemporary comedy.

  Young and old audiences relate effortlessly to “The Baker Experience.” He captures your attention with common situations shared by all audiences and blends those experiences slowly and carefully to portray the Humor in Reality.  He has shared the stage with the likes of Bernie Mac, Robert Townsand, Jonathan Slocumb, and Steve Harvey. 

  After each performance, audiences still laugh and remember situations and jokes told by the young comic. On the street, in the mall, on the subway, people smile and shout, “There’s that Comedian Boy! You sure are funny. I really like your stuff!” How does Ron Baker, Jr. feel about being called that “Comedian Boy?” “I don’t really mind much. I realize that although my name may escape them for the moment, the face and the performance remains fresh in their minds…and after all, it was my comedy that they remembered. It was me who made them laugh.

  Ron Baker, Jr. comes out on stage and gives 150% to his audience each and every time. What makes it  so wonderful is the fact that it’s family entertainment—something for everyone to enjoy. Specializing in family entertainment is no surprise as Ron Baker, Jr. is married and has a son and a daughter (with an eight year gap) to keep him sufficiently grounded and supplied with fresh material. “I’ll never run out of material as long as there are churches and people to attend them.

With the heavy pressure to succeed and the heavy competition for that one “Big Break,” Ron Baker, Jr. ,at the age of ?, has his head on straight and his feet planted firmlyon the ground. There’s room at the top and Ron Baker, Jr. is on the Express Elevator going straight up!

  The future looks bright for this young comic. His brand of humor is unforgettable because it makes one realize, recognize and understand life’s everyday experiences. And more importantly, he makes one appreciate the fact that…Truth is always funnier than Fiction!!!!!


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Jesus Was a Black Man

Ron sharing his comedy at a church

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