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Answer to questions You might be thinking

How do I inquire about booking an artist?

That is easy.  

You can call and speak to an agent directly and they can answer questions you might have about an artist.  You can also click "find out more" and fill out the booking inquiry form.  An agent will contact you to discuss your questions. 

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Will the artist perform with a house band?

Every artist is  different, but in general the  answer is no.   There are many factors that go into this decision.  Mainly it is due to time  constraints.  The  artist generally arrives the day of the  engagement and this doesn't  allow for enough rehearsal with the house band. If the artist isn't comfortable with the band,  it is difficult for them  to minister effectively.  

Occassionally, there are instances where the Artist will use the house band.   Once contracts have been issued, You can speak to the manager and discuss this further. 

What does "plus expenses" mean?

The term "Plus expenses" refers to those expenses the sponsor is responsible  for in addition to the artist honorarium.  These expenses can include the artist travel (local and round trip), meals or per diem, and the lodging in conjunction with the event.  

There are instances where the artist is willing to do a flat honorarium with the sponsor and take care of their own expenses.  This fee usually has the expenses rolled into honorarium.  

What is the process of booking an artist?

The process of booking an artist is pretty straight forward.

1. Decide upon a particular artist for the concert or appearance.

2. An offer is created with the details of the program and presented to the artist management for  consideration. 

3.   Management confirms the date and  contracts are issued. 

4. Contract documents are reviewed, signed and sent back to the agency for counter-signature by artist management. 

5. Fully executed contracts are sent to the sponsor. 

What is the technical rider?

The Technical Rider is a document that the artist  uses to outline those items needed to make the concert or event run  smoothly. These items are broken down into sections. Most have general  needs and technical needs. Management for the artist can go over the technical rider and discuss what items can be substituted. If attached,  the technical rider is part of the original contract. Technical Riders  are available to review by contacting your agent. 

Will the artist do interviews to help promote the event?

Yes, they will.

We can put you in touch with the correct person  to set this up. Each artist is different, some use a publicist, some use  their label, and others use their manager to coordinate these.  Under no circumstances can you confirm an artist to do an interview without first consulting management.