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Lucinda's humble beginnings began in church, singing at the young age of four. She credits much of her training and upbringing to her grandmother. At St John's Fire Baptized Holiness Church in Bridgeport, her grandmother would reprimand Lucinda and make her sing before the congregation. "She saw that there was something within me that I didn't know about," says Lucinda. 


  Lucinda has learned to be loyal throughout the course of her life. The first song that she sung was "Going Up Yonder," by Walter Hawkins. Her musical influences include Andrae Crouch, Tramaine Hawkins, Shirley Ceasar, Yolanda Adams, The Clark Sisters and Donnie McClurkin . These artists taught her vocal dynamics, diversity, spiritual preservation, and self-belief. At the age of eleven, Lucinda sang with the Pentecostal Church of Prayer & Deliverance. She credits Reginald Stewart with teaching her how to sing with a choir. By the time she was 14, Lucinda was leading songs with Willie Small and the Willie Small Singers. Little did she know that God had so much more in store. Her loyalty to the smaller musical aspirations has helped sustain her to this day. Lucinda Moore attends and is a part of the fellowship at The Potter's House Church in Jacksonville,Fl, where her spiritual father is Bishop V. Mclaughlin. 

  Prepared. Lucinda found out that being prepared is so much more than learning the correct songs and how to sing them. Her mother is a minister who raised her by biblical standards. One would think that Lucinda would be prepared to sing God's praises, but God wanted to build character in her life and prepare for her future. Something happened that would change her life forever. Just upon graduation from high school at the age of 16, Lucinda skipped high school to spend the day with her father. "We had a talk about me not getting pregnant before marriage. I sung four songs to him. He began to cry saying that his daughter was going to be something...'that the world would know who she was.' He was expecting to come to my graduation." Unfortunately, Lucinda's dad was shot three hours later. Daddy's girl was alone and she was filled with anger. Lucinda speaks candidly of this today because even in her loss, she speaks of the strength and character that God gave her to endure his death. Lucinda progressed with life trusting God all of the way. At age 18, she began singing with world-renowned, Tramaine Hawkins. "I sung with Tramaine for five wonderful years. She would let me lead songs occasionally. It was a great experience," says Lucinda. She soon found herself in the presence of God more than often while he was developing a life that she now lives: a life of Praise & Worship. She has been compared with the sounds and styles of Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin. 

  Chosen. "Many are called, but few are chosen," are truly words to live by. Lucinda Moore has been chosen for a time like today. Lucinda sings in many venues all across America. Her favorite worship song to sing is Total Praise, as recorded by Richard Smallwood. She has appeared on nationwide TV, Bobby Jones, and garners attention as a lead vocalist on several albums. In 1996, she joined Hezekiah Walker to form a small elect group, Love Unlimited. She has received critical acclaim from the Gospel Music Industry making lead appearances with the Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) Women of Worship, leading the song entitled, Surrender My All, in 1999. She returned in August 2002 to lead another song with the GMWA Women of Worship. Hezekiah Walker features her on his latest project, Live at Radio City Music Hall: A Family Affair II, leading the popular song, When We Get Over There. She is also featured on Joe Pace and Colorado Mass Choir's latest project, Speak Life, leading the opening song "God Can Do Anything." In August 2003, Lucinda was asked to perform for The 2003 GMWA Excellence Awards. She did a tribute to Richard Smallwood performing the hit song "HEALING."  She was featured on Tyscot's "Gospel Next" compilation project released in 2005. On December 10, 2005, Lucinda Moore did her first "LIVE" CD/DVD recording in her home town, Bridgeport, CT. Lucinda The special guest was the legendary, Pastor Daryl Coley. Lucinda recorded her sophomore project in 2008  at Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2010 on Tyscot Records. 2011 saw Lucinda Moore win her first  Stellar Award for "Best Traditonal Female Artist of the Year!"

  Lucinda has ministered for major conferences and have been the main psalmist for renowned speakers like Prophetess Juanita Bynum, Pastor Randy and Paula White, Bishop Noel Jones, Bishop Alfred & Co-Pastor Susie Owens, Bishop T.D Jakes, Bishop Albert Jamison, Bishop J.C White, Bishop Kenneth H. Moales and many more. Lucinda received her Masters in Theology and She is now evangelizing and preaching the Gospel all over the country. Her favorite past times are shopping for boots and shoes. Lucinda comes from a strong family of singers.. Lucinda Moore is chosen for today's audience searching for a gospel message in the music they enjoy.

Walking in My Favor Single

Walking in My Favor Single

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Walking in my Favor

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Still Alive, I Survived

Listen to Lucinda's current single "Still Alive, I Survived"

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