Henry Sapp



  The bible declares that laughter (a merry heart) does good like medicine and Hen Sapp has been dubbed “The Doctor of Comedy”. Hen Sapp is a loving and devoted husband and father of 2 girls and actually attributes most of his comedy ideas to things that just happen around the house.  Hen is an edgy Christian Comedian whom God has anointed, for such a time as this, with a gift to make people laugh.  As long as he can remember, he has made people laugh from classmates, teachers, friends and family with his quick and witty responses about life.  He learned to tell jokes while playing the dozens as a child. Realizing that people would laugh with him and not at him if he learned to flip the script, he began to tell stories of his life with a lot of added twist.  People told him that he had talent, but little did they know, God was already working out the plan for his life and his reputation as a comedian began to spread. 

  In 2004, he was a hit at his first comedy gig during a local wedding reception.  Since then, he has continued to master his gift with the release of three live DVD’s.  His freshman project “Just What the Doctor Ordered” featuring his hit song, “You’ve Got Weave”, his sophomore project “Best Kept Secrets” featuring Mr. Charles and Laughing Lenny and hit song “Skateboard”.  His last DVD entitled “H2O – OMG, No They Didn’t”, featuring comedian DJ Henry.  In 2008, his wit and style landed him a finalist at the national, Heavy Hitters Christian Comedian Competition.  He has preformed and shared the stage with Chanita Moore aka Chocolate, Small Fire, Willie Brown and Woody, Marvin Sapp, Akintunde, Rod Z, Mr. Charles, Laughing Lenny, Cross Movement and many more.  

  In late fall of 2009, he opened for Marvin Sapp’s live CD and DVD recording, “Here I Am”, where he can also be viewed interviewing on the backstage clips of the DVD.  2010 started off with a bang as he was granted the opportunity to perform at the 1st Comedy Game Show and Stellar Awards Pre-show luncheon that was hosted and produced by the 25th Year Stellar Awards, held in Nashville, TN.   From there, his comedy has taken off to new levels, as  recently, he was apart of the 1st and biggest West Michigan Comedy Festivals, entitled “Laughfest”, hosted by Gilda’s Club, which featured other comedians such as Betty White, Bill Cosby, Kevin Hart and Roy Woods Jr., just to name a few.   As he moves forward, Hen continues to sponsor and host a local annual comedy show, which is proven to be a sell out each year. In a world where much healing is needed, he doesn’t just tell jokes, he ministers, and that is… 

Just What the Doctor Ordered!


"The Doctor of Comedy himself…"


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Laughalujah w/ Henry Sapp

Henry taking part in the Laughalujah Comedy Show. 

Henry Sapp in action

Henry Sapp talks about Bus Riders.