Jonathan Slocumb

Bill Cosby is the king of clean, and Jonathan Slocumb is the prince!

Everyone has their brand of humor, but it takes a good comedian to break a choosy crowd into irresistible laughter.  
It takes a great one, however to do it with clean comedy. Jonathan Slocumb is just that great.  Engaging, authentic,
and seasoned this crowd-pleasing Comedian, Host and Actor
is no joke.

Always a leader, his natural humor and savvy as student class president and college campus radio personality incited early predictions of him being an entertainer.  His mic-appeal soon transferred to stages where he emerged as the go-to “funny guy” with brilliant improvisation.  After hosting a high profile event in Chicago, he faced an altering reality that his highest pleasure was bringing laughter.  He decided to embrace his true calling and hasn’t looked back since.  Confounding the industry, Slocumb’s relentless moral fiber became a catalyst rather than a barrier.  In just a few years, he advanced from local comedy clubs to Main Stage live and broadcast programming.

Setting a record precedence for clean comedy, Slocumb left both Def Comedy Jam and Comedy Central stages with rousing ovations.  His act soon landed him a recording deal with Warner Brothers; releasing the 1997 comedy relief album “Laugh Yourself to Life”.  Shortly after, he secured roles on “The Steve Harvey Show”; Tyler Perry’s feature film, “Meet the Browns”; UPtv’s comedy series “Ha! Standing Up For Clean Comedy”; and the recent Aspire Network’s “Groundbreaking Comedies” and more.  His honed technique and exceptional story-telling attracted corporate heavy weights and made him an appealing choice for top mainstream brands.  He became the sought after link for programming elevation for the likes of Aretha Franklin’s Tour; Essence Music Festival (seven consecutive years); Michael Jordan’s “The Jordan Brand” launch; The Stellar and Trumpet Awards and more.  The always fashionable, quintessential host, Slocumb keeps audiences energetic, engaged, and laughing; a timeless element that connects us all.

With tv, radio, book, and film projects in development, JONATHAN SLOCUMB continues to be one of the most in demand entertainers of the new millineum!!!

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